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First Look of Echarikkai Idhu Manithargal Nadamadum Idam to be Launched Today

A few weeks back there was an innovative campaign by posters positioned in a lot of locations at the city with merely the wordings ‘Echarikkai Idhu Manithargal Nadamadum Idam’. Many had various thought on what that would be exactly the poster would say them. The truth is now been revealed, it is the promotion of the movie title Echarikkai Idhu Manithargal Nadamadum Idam. The first look of Echarikkai Idhu Manithargal Nadamadum Idam is to be launched tomorrow by the three prominent directors in the film industry.

Apart from this poster, there is an also one more creative approach of knowing who those three directors to launch the first look of the film a 360-degree view style on their official Facebook page. The link of the same is mentioned below.

The three stalwarts of Tamil cinema Mani Ratnam, Bala and A. R. Murugadoss are set to launch the first look of this film by today April 20, 2017, at 5 pm when the FLs are out. Only after the launch of the first look, it is expected that the director of the film, along with the cast and crew details will be announced.

The Link of 360-degree view – https://t.co/R7U4EanYP1

Stay tuned for updates on this film.