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Is Malayalam Actor Dileep Involved in Bhavana Kidnap Case?

The recent happening of Malayalam actress being kidnapped and sexually molested at Kochi has become a shame and pain to the greatly educated society of Kerala.

It has to turn out to be somewhat a mark and people are still pondering how a celeb personality could become a victim of sexual molestation on the road itself that too at the daylight. There is for sure that the Malayalam Industry would find it hard to get rid of. Hardly some years back, famous and lovely actress Asin was groped at a conference meet where she was harassed by one of his fans. That was a shameful incident.

Keeping this at one end now the police have started investigating this case in diverse angles, and the recent update or rumours are that a top Malayalam actor was involved in the event.

Exactly the popular Malayalam actor Dileep name is being considered as the mastermind behind this occurrence. So now Malayalam Film Industry has one more reason to worry about in Bhavana case.

Recently as we all are aware that the relationship between both Bhavana and Dileep has become sour. Even though in the film industry that is recognised to be the sweet and highly successful onscreen couple but a few years back there are many types of fallout.

Indeed, Dileep moreover also not invited Bhavana to his marriage with Kavya Madhavan. The marriage had itself turned out to be a storm for the reason that of this Bhavana angle and certain of the sexist as well as idiotic statements that were made by Dileep in the media.

It is reasonably perfect that Dileep and Bhavana were not on decent terms. But then again, it will also be fairly foolish to assume Dileep going to this level. A humble logic tells that Dileep cannot do this. Because if the actor his caught, his complete reputation and career would be finished.

Numerous media that based in Kerala has already indirectly taken a name of Dileep in this incident. Even though if they have not used his name directly, however, plenty hints are left for readers to read his name.


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