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Jallikattu Protest – Raghava Lawrence taken to hospital

Actor Raghava Lawrence has allegedly been admitted at Pallava hospital due to a neck pain while protesting in Marina beach today to lift the ban on Jallikattu.

The actor was spotted at Marina wearing a neck guard. The photos of Raghava Lawrence that were taken in Marina today clearly showed that he was uneasy.

The actor continued to support the cause, and that shows his magnanimity. But since his pain got aggravated, he was admitted to a hospital today afternoon. We are told that the actor has also got a severe throat pain as well.

The ‘Shivalinga’ actor has provided 1 crore rupees worth of food, supply, and essentials for the people participating in the protest and also spent three days and nights with the youngsters. Fatigue and dehydration have made his sickness worse making him unable to continue.

Actor-Director Raghava Lawrence is one of the few actors who pumps in a sizeable portion of his income into philanthropic activities. During the deadly Chennai flooding in 2015, he donated crores to help people out.

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