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K13 Movie Review

Arulnithi is quite choosy when it comes to acting in films. He goes for movies that has a strong story line and gives him scope for performance. This time too, with K13 he has done the same. The movie, which is a meta thriller, has been directed by debutant Barath Neelakantan.

K13 starts with aspiring filmmaker Madhiazhagan (Arulnithi) who finds himself strapped to a chair with duct tape in flat number K13.

As he tries to free himself, he finds Malarvizhi (Shraddha Srinath) lying in a chair with her wrist cut and bleeding to death. He tries to figure out how he ended up at the house and how Malarvizhi died. The rest of the story is filled with suspense and mystery. As the story unwraps the psychological drama begins.

Sam CS’s background score has lifted the movie up. There is not much scope for Shraddha as she plays dead for over half the movie. However, she does manage to shines in her peculiar role.

Investigative thriller is not new to Arulnithi and he has played the role with ease. He has done full justice to the character.

With K13, Barath Neelakantan has turned out to be a promising director who wears his inspiration on his sleeves. However, the audience need a bit of patience to understand the twists and turns in the movie.

K13 keeps us glued to the edge of the seat
The movie is filled with surprises and twists

There are small flaws in the story line

Final line: A gripping thriller laced with mystery forms K13

Stars: 3/5