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Kaala Censor Update – Will the team go for a revision?

Latest unofficial buzz about Kaala movie is the censor happened in Chennai recently and on the first go the movie was offered an A certificate. Kaala team, produced by Wunderbar films, has been given two other options.

First one to undergo few cuts in the movie to obtain U/A certificate or undergo more cuts to get U certificate.

We can guess the movie would be a political based or having some controversial theme/scenes that prompted the censor board to go with A and then suggest U/A certificates.

As of now the team has agreed with U/A certificate with some 14 cuts. Its still unclear if the producers will settle with U/A or still will go for a revision in Mumbai to get an U certificate. Its uncommon for a Rajini film to be an U/A or A certified movie, so we have to wait how this goes considering the planned release date of April 27 approaching fast.

We can remember that during Mersal controversy, director Ranjith hinted there could be similar controversy coming up during Kaala as well. Not sure if the director has meant that with respect to the story on a strong political footing.

Kaala poster