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Kaala press meet in Hyderabad

With 2 days to Go Kaala team including Superstar Rajinikanth had a press meet cum promo event in Hyderabad yesterday

Rajnikanth attended and spoke in the press event attended by leading Telugu producers and distributors.

For Kabali he did not make it to the event as he was in USA at that time, so this event should gain lot of traction for the movie Kaala whose promotion was considered to be not much for a superstar film.

Telugu producers/distributors were not very happy until superstar himself made it to the event yesterday which changed the moods.

Kaala in Telugu was sold to very experienced distributors who will be releasing directly to the theatres without middle man or selling smaller areas. So we expect Kaala to do very well in Telugu states than Kabali.

All these were due to recent tragic events in Tamilnadu and Dhanush has pulled a wonderful production team from Wunderbar and insiders also report the production company has agreed on “share basis” in many leading areas in Tamilnadu like Coimbatore instead of “minimum guarantee” basis which is considered risky.

Wunderbar and Dhanush also associated with leading brands like Cadbury, Amazon etc for sponsorship which should offset the high budget of the movie.

We will be posting more updates in the next two days leading to the release of Kaala