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Kaala Release Date

Latest update on the Superstar Rajinikanth Kaala Release Date is, the movie’s original release date of April 27 has been postponed as a result of ongoing Tamil cinema producers strike.

Now the new release date is tentatively pushed to June 2018, as per Bollywood and Tollywood insiders who are involved with the trade of Kaala. June has Eid holidays across India and Salam khan has his Race 3 scheduled for Eid holiday weekend. In that case Kaala will have a delayed Hindi release (of around one week after releasing worldwide in Hindi) just like how Lingaa was released in Hindi. It was released in Hindi after a week of Tamil release. We will have to wait to hear from Lyca who are the official distributors for Kaala worldwide and all versions (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi)

We expect Kaala will not miss the June release deadline as 2.0 magnum opus is already delayed a lot and is in line for August 2018 Independence day release . So delaying Kaala after June will cost Lyca a lot in terms of delay in 2.0 movie planning and promotions.

Unlike 2.0 movie Kaala is not big in terms of budget and making cost, but it affects the release plans of other Tamil films and also Telugu films directly, though Hindi films can adjust to the release delays.

No official announcement is made from Tamil producers so we will have to wait for the strike to get over for official news about Kaala and all Tamil movies.