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Exclusive – Chiyaan Vikram’s Kadaram Kondan Release Date

Next movie by Chiyaa Vikram Kadaram Kondan is stepping towards the finishing line. The movie is directed by Rajesh M selva and produced by Raj Kamal films. The movie is shot completely in Malayasia. Akshara Hasan is playing the love interest of Vikram in the movie. The music is scored by Ghibran. On November 6th 2018 the motion picture of the movie was released by Kamal haasan. Vikram is seen grunting with hand cuffs on, with heavily tattooed body. The twin towers of Kualalumpur are seen in the background of the poster.

The movie title ‘Kadaram Kondan’ s means the one who conquered Kadaram, the modern day Kedah in Malayasia. Actually, King Rajendra Cholan is referred a Kadaram kondan as he fought and captured Kedah in 1025 CE. So the story could have Vikram taking over the Kedah provision in some way.

The movie is scheduled to release for the next summer that is in the year 2019. Past couple of movies did do very well for Vikram, one of the earlier movie Sketch did very bad at the box. And the other movie which had set high expectation Saamy 2 failed miserable. Hope Kadaram Kondan will turn out to a fruitful movie for the versatile actor.