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Kamal takes on DMK in Thiruvarur

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan chose to celebrate the first anniversary in Thiruvarur yesterday criticised DMK as one indulging in ‘dynasty politics’, after calling them a ‘corrupt party’.

‘Thiruvarur is a place that has given Tamilnadu many great artists and leaders but has also given family and inheritance politics to Tamil Nadu and that has spoilt the state…this is the reason why Thiruvarur has taken a centre stage in my mind… The people of Tamil Nadu want to change this kind of politics and even I want to change this kind of politics,’ Kamal Haasan said at the public gathering.

Kamal launched MNM on January 30 after a year of work-in-progress. He said that his party would focus on the development plank in Tamil Nadu and that he is not averse to joining hands with parties who think alike.