Vishwaroopam Interesting Facts

No other movie has generated much controversy in the history of Indian cinema for the past 50 years or so. Initially bogged down by DTH release, later by ban; Vishwaroopam should be the only movie to have multiple releases (a belated release in its native state). The movie first had a Worldwide release on January 25, 2013, then in North India (Hindi) on February 1, 2013 and followed by Tamilnadu on February 7, 2013. This hampered its collections very badly. Mr. Chandrahassan reported that the delay in release resulted in a loss of around 40-60 crores for Raj Kamal International. An interesting fact is that even though DVD's were freely available in the market prior to its release in Tamilnadu, people were unwilling to watch the movie in DVD's and preferred to watch the movie only at theaters. This clearly shows the respect that people have for Kamal Haasan.

The character of Wisam is a reference to Arjuna in Mahabarath, more specifically the Virata Phase. This is a period in Mahabarath when the Pandavas had to spend their last year in exile in disguise. They live in a different country where they can be recognized. Arjuna takes the guise of a eunuch and teaches dance and song to the girls of the king. This is what exactly Wiz's character does as Vishwanth.

This is the first Indian film to be mixed in Auro 3D, a 11.1 surround sound format.

In TV news shown when Obama talks about Taliban's momentum being broken, the news flash below says "Petroleum prices increased by 3%", hinting at the war on oil perspective.

The Nigerian is shown shaving his hair before preparing for the bomb explosion. This is common practice observed by terrorists of a certain faith, believing that they'll be clean while entering the heaven.

In Wiz/Vishwanath's residence a black two sided statue can be seen. On one side is a king and other side is a queen. In the kathak sequence, the statue is placed against the mirror showing both sides of the statue in the same frame. It represents the role of Wiz in the movie, with double identities: effeminate dancer, and brutal RAW agent.

Director Selvaraghavan was expected to direct this film but dropped out.

The movie had few plot inspirations from Ridley Scott's 2008 espionage thriller Body Of Lies starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe.

Trilingual filmed in Hindi (as Vishwaroop), Telugu and Tamil. All actors had to learn their dialogues in all 3 languages.

Actress Shriya Saran was initially cast for the Ashmita role. But later Andrea was selected by Kamal Haasan.

While shooting in the United States, the production shot under the title "Blue Falcon" to keep the secrecy of the plot and sets away from paparazzi and fans of Kamal Haasan.

People often think that Vishwaroop is a dubbed version of Vishwaroopam, but it's not the truth. Vishwaroop has been made straight in Hindi instead of being dubbed.

A major hunt was on for the heroine and several changes were made. Names right from Sonakshi Sinha to Vidya Balan to Sameera Reddy were buzzed for this spot whereas Pooja Kumar bagged the role.

Initially, music director Yuvan Shankar Raja was reported to compose the musical score of the film. But later Kamal Haasan selected Shankar-Ehsan-Loy to compose the music.

While Nirupama is being questioned by FBI, they ask her how would they crucify a four handed God. She replies "We don't crucify our God, we drown him in the ocean". This is a reference to Kamal Haasan's previous film "Dasaavatharam (2008)" where the 12th century plot ends with drowning of Lord Vishnu idol and Rangaraja Nambi tied along with it.

Kamal Haasan, born a Hindu-Brahmin is an atheist. He has been vocal regarding increased racial attacks against Muslims over the decades, especially after 9/11 and 26/11 terror attacks. He plays the role of a Muslim soldier turned spy, further rooting to his message that all muslims are not terrorists.

Initially it was decided to release the movie in DTH service before releasing it in theatres.

Banned in certain parts of India even after being censored for offending Islamic sentiments by the Tamil Nadu government after protests from a few religious organizations. A couple of days later, an out of court settlement was reached, but by that time it had been illegally downloaded over a million times.

While shooting in Manhattan, New York Kamal Hassan and Jaideep Ahlawat almost got arrested.The whole of US was under red alert due to Christmas Eve.Kamal Hassan and Jaideep Ahlawat were sitting in one of the SUV's and couldn't complete the scene in one go.They decided to take a second take and every time they returned had to pass the toll booth.During their third attempt they found cops had surrounded them they sat with their hands up as cops could have shot them and explained that they were shooting.Finally they were left with a warning.

The film did not have a theatrical release in British Columbia, Canada.

Awards Won

Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards 2014

Winner Technical Awards Best Art Direction Lalgudi Ilayaraja Nancy Terryn
Best Action Kecha Khamphakdee Lee Whittaker Parvez Feroze T. Ramesh
Best Choreographer Birju Maharaj

National Film Awards, India 2013

Winner Silver Lotus Award Best Art Direction Boontawee Thor Taweepasas Lalgudi Ilayaraja
Best Choreography Birju Maharaj

For the song "Unnai Kaanadhu Naan"

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