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Kanaa Movie Review

Synopsis : The success story of a girl who sets and chases a dream to make her father happy with the parallel struggles.

What works :

The film starts directly focusing the core plot and sets a perfect mood to engage the audience. With an emotional content driven sports drama, the director had tried to well balance the commercial space along with the social content, which had worked well.

With the minimal characters seem to get noticed, the leads Aishwarya Rajesh and Sathyaraj have been through as the pillars of the screen. The slow paced narrative with next connective moments have been made to entertain.

With the tricks used in scene builds towards the climax, wide the proper notes, music on the other side gives the much required boost elevation.

Neat package of sports along with the native emotional agriculture, plots the tightness on the whole. Also, Sivakarthikeyan give a a solid screen space with his presence.


At times, the sub plots supporting the core seems outdated and falls dull during the tried romantic portions. Though given a quality term, the sports domain could have been given still more importance to twin the balance between the core taken.

Final Line : Kanaa is a neatly presented emotional sports drama for your weekend.

Rating : 3.5/5