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Karthi’s Dev undergoes changes!!!

The valentine’s day release ‘Dev’ has got mixed response from the audience. The movie is directed by debut director Rajath Ravishankar. The movie stars Karthi & Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. Harris Jayaraj has scored the music. After the trailer for the movie was released in January it had created a lot of expectation amongst the fans.

But unfortunately after release the movie fell drastically short in fulfilling the audiences. Most of the responses from the viewers were that they felt very untouched with the story and the characters. There is a possibility that they might not have expected this simple role to be played by karthi. And the story plot is also very predictable which makes the movie even slower in impressing the crowd.

Another main reason is the length of the movie it is more than two and half hours. Following all this response and suggestions the movie has decided to trim the movie by 15 minutes. They have done some cut and paste of few scenes and a song which is felt unnecessary. Now the reviews are turning out to positive compared to the earlier reviews.