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Kollwood Celebrities on Jallikattu Ban

As the Jallikattu protest has become an mass movement in Tamil Nadu, everyone in the state is doing something or other in favour of the ongoing non-violent protests of lakhs and lakhs of Tamil youngsters and people.

According to reports, all theatres in Chennai city will remain closed on January 20 from 9 am to 6 pm.

Kollywood celebrities have offered support for the protest and organisations associated with Tamil cinema have announced various forms of protests. Nadigar Sangam has also announced a Silent protest tomorrow for Jallikattu.

Other than this protest, Simbu has been very supportive of Jallikattu for a long time, going as far as saying that he will go to prison if need be to show his dedication to the cause. STR has also been instructing youngsters across the state to carry out protests in a peaceful manner.

Protest of Tamil youngsters against Jallikattu ban is getting bigger and bigger. Already actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Suriya, STR, Sivakarthikeyan and Dhanush have expressed their support for the revolutionary initiative of youngsters across Tamil Nadu.

Here are few celebrities messages on Jallikattu.

1. The double Oscar A.R.Rahman winning composer has announced that today(January 20) he will be on Fasting to support the spirit of Tamil Nadu
2. I salute all the youngsters who have taken part in this protest with no expectations or political biases – Ilayathalapathy Vijay
3. Chiyaan Vikram in an official statement, This protest is going to be a huge success for Tamilians
4. Suriya, who has always support for Jallikattu quoted that, We should not stop here until we got success.
5. Simbu and fans continue protest against Jallikattu ban from DAY 1
6. Venkat Prabhu has directly questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Twitter about what he sees as the top leader’s differential attitude in two issues affecting people.
7. G.V Prakash – I warn central government on Jallikkatu issue
8. No Religion can separate our Unity through Jallikattu – Uriyadi Vijay Kumar
9. The director Ram in his statement, This protest will make huge history.
10. Actor Nayantara too released a statement stating that the enthusiasm displayed by the supporters of jallikattu would go a long way in showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu across the country

Kollywood Celebrities extends his support to Jallikattu