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Kollywood Trivia : AR Murugadoss a man who built the foundation for Vijayakanth’s political entry

The movie which can be called a trend setter in tamil cinema was released this day in 2002. A movie with a extraordinary class. Though there are lot of movie which tried the same story line but couldn’t even touch the feel what Ramana gave to its audience. Vijayakanth’s performance was something stands apart from all his other movies till date. The story, screenplay and direction were handled by AR Murugadoss. This was the first movie where AR Murugadoss stepped into showing social issues in his movies. The earlier movie was Dheena which was a complete action subject and the immediate movie after it was Ramana. Nobody could have expected a script like this by AR Murugadoss at that point of time. If a count on best 100 movies with great screenplays are taken Ramana would definitely be one among them.

Vijayakanth plays a college lecturer in this movie, after he losses his small family with Simran as his wife for corruption he decides to act. He prepares a small force to fight against corruption and places all of them in almost all government office. And he tries and teaches the corrupt one a very good lesson. The hospital scene where a deadbody is taken to a private hospital for treatment still gives goosebumps for a person watching it. Later in the story a constable cracking this case down is handled very well. Ramana was a blockbuster hit. Ramana was awarded Tamilnadu state film award for Best film and AR Murugadoss won Tamilnadu state film award for Dialogue writer. This movie can also be told as Vijayakanth’s foundation to enter politics.