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Kollywood Trivia – Thenali’s 175 days success, what was Rajini’s reaction?

Thenali a movie with a pure sheen, a great movie by Padmashree Kamal hassan. We could say that Thenali was one of the kind movie in Kamal hassan career. Everything in the movie is great, a pure comedy subject for all genre of audience. Kamal hassan plays a role of Srilankan neurotic patient and creates all possible trouble to the doctor who is treating him. The chemistry between the doctor and the patient is taken extremely well. We can’t imagine anybody in the role of Patient (Kamal Hassan) or the Doctor (Jayaram) . Both have done 100% justice to their role in the movie. Devayani and Jyothika play the lady leads in the movie.

The movie takes on to the next level after Dr.Kailash (Jayaram) gets to know that Thenali (Kamal Hassan) and Janaki (Jyothika) likes each other. All his efforts to get them apart go in vein. The movie was released on 27th October 2000. That is today before 18 years. The movie looks like a remake of the English movie ‘What about Bob?’. The movie was directed by KS.Ravikumar and the music is scored by AR.Rahman. The BGM and songs in the movie did really good on charts.

Kamal Hassan speaks Srilankan tamil or Singalam in this movie, and job well done. No other actor in the Tamil cinema industry has spoken this language for this whole stretch. Some have tried but not as successful as Kamal Hassan. Crazy Mohan has done an extra ordinary job with his pen; it is seen all through the movie.

Thenali was the last movie which run for 175 days in theatre’s  hitting the silver jubilee. After which Kamal hassan has not had a movie with 175 days record. KS.Ravikumar directed this movie immediately after Padaiyappa with superstar. Both the movies turned out to be blockbuster hits.

For the 175 days celebration Superstar Rajinikanth was a special guest and was all praises about Kamal Hassan’s performance in the movie. It was a big surprise for superstar to attend the event but it was possible because KS Ravikumar a close friend of both the stars.

Even today its a trending topic by a lot of fans on twitter who are celebrating 18 years of Thenali.
We from Kollywood.Net join hands with lakhs of Kamal Hassan’s fan’s in celebrating  18 years of Thenali.

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