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KV Anand one man – two innings

A very popular name in south Indian cinema as director. But he started his career as a photo Journalist. He didn’t continue as a journalist for a long time, he jumped to cinematography in 1990’s. Even before starting his career as a journalist he had great interest in photography. He gained this interest from his college days when he went on trekking expeditions to the Himalayas. Looking at the beautiful scenery and remote location he automatically started developing interest in photography. He has won a lot of awards in photography competition help in college.

1st innings – With Camera

As mentioned he started as a photo journalist, though for a short time he gained popularity with his pictures being published for a lot of national publications. Some of them include India Today, Kalki, Aside etc., he was a freelance photographer and this gave him a lot of freedom to choose. As he developed interest in Cinematography he first approached PS.Sreeram to work as his assistant. He assisted PC.Sreeram in movies like Thevar Magan, Gopura Vasalile, Thiruda Thirudi and other movies. His first independent movie was ‘Thenmavin Kombath’ in Malayalam. And he won a national award for his debut movie. Anand started working in tamil movies with the movie ‘Kadhal Desam’ and later showed up with ‘Mudhalvan’. Both these movies won extremely good reviews for Anand. He has worked for different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. But his name got established really well only after the movie ‘Shivaji’ in 2007. His magnificent work was appreciated by one and all.

2nd innings – As Director

He turned to be a director in the year 2005 with the movie Kana Kandaen. The movie had Srikanth, Prithviraj and Gopika in the lead roles, movie did well at the box office and also got good reviews from the movie critics. It seems the he got the idea for his second movie ‘Ayan’ while he was waiting in the Airport for clearance in Singapore. So he made it a movie starring Surya and Tamannah. His 3rd project ‘Ko’ did extremely well in all the aspects, KV.Anand’s work was appreciated by one and all. The movie starred Jiiva, Karthika Nair and Ajmal Ameer in the main role. After which was the movie Maattrraan again with Surya, movie was about the story of conjoined twins, later he did movies like Anegan with dhanush and Kavan with Vijay sethupathi. KV.Anand is known for his titles for his movies, he makes sure that it will be crisp, short and mainly in Tamil. He being a cinematographer himself he always prefers to work with other’s handing them the camera. And a different one each time.

Kollywood.net wishes KV Anand a very happy birthday!!! Hoping for lot more great movies from him…