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LKG Movie Review (comical ride on politics)

It is not often that we come across political satires in Tamil cinema. Those that have been made did have limitations, however, breaking this is RJ Balaji’s movie LKG. Starring Priya Anand and himself in the lead, the movie is a hilarious political satire that takes a dig at our political system.

Politicians Nanjil Sampath and JK Ritheesh are also in the cast. This movie also marks Priya Anand an almost comeback after a long gap. The movie is based on social media trends and trolls everyone, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to our Tamil super stars. Directed by Prabhu the movie revolves around Lalgudi Karupiah Gandhi aka LKG (RJ Balaji) is the ward councilor in his area. His aim in life is to be different from his father, who was a failed politician. To make his dreams come true he takes short cuts to climb the political ladder in his party.

Helping him is political corporate strategist Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand). LKG become famous with a funny song and impressed with his fan base, his party leader offers him MLA post in the by-poll. Does he win the election and become the MLA forms the rest of the story.

Although the storyline is simple, the handy works of director Prabhu has made the movie a success. It takes a dig on the contemporary murky politics that prevails in our country. The advantage of the movie is the timing comedy by Balaji. The movie has several references to the current trend in social media and memes.

LKG is indeed a big step for Balaji who has managed to shape his career into movies after being a successful radio jockey. Adding to his flavour is actress Priya Anand. Her role as a corporate policial strategist is commendable. There is not much of romantic angle, which is a plus point for a movie of this genera. Although Leon James’s tracks have become hits, he has not disappointed the audience with his BGM either. LKG offers several insights for young voters.

Strongly written script
Neatly made political satire
Hillarious right from the start

The story comes with a shelf-life

Final line: A bold political movie that trolls everything related to politics.

Stars: 3.25/5