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Lyca vs Sun pictures: Why Superstar preferred Lyca over Sun pictures for his next movie

Superstar has seen very appreciative and friendly with the producers of 2point0 , Lyca productions and its chairman Subaskaran. In the trailer launch he has mentioned Subaskaran as more than a producer and as his friend because of his adjustments to superstar’s schedule and taking care of his health during the shoots of 2point0. 

Superstar also mentioned Sun pictures Kalanithi maran as a shrewd business man.

In the Zee tv interview with Archana also superstar appreciated Lyca Subaskaran and said 2point0 is Subaskaran’s movie.


Before release of Sarkar it is rumored Sun pictures will produce superstar’s next movie after Petta, but recently it is confirmed that it is now Lyca again that will produce his next and the project has been moved over from Sun pictures.

While there could be some political reasons behind associating with Sun pictures for the second time it could also be the warmth superstar has enjoyed with Lyca productions over Sun pictures.

Just today Sun pictures has announced Petta movies first single and second single will be released on 3rd, 7th and full songs on 9th December.

Not sure why Sun pictures is so desperate to make buzz about Petta the whole next week after 2point0- India’s biggest project is releasing on November 29th.

Is it a war between two corporates Sun pictures and Lyca productions?

There is also a talk from distributors that Petta is fastened to release because of the loss incurred by Sarkar which Sun pictures sold as a package at an high cost, Sarkar and Petta. Petta as a cushion to square off Sarkar losses

Superstar fans will be united for both 2point0 and Petta and both will rock and its already evident in the social media.