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Maari 2 Movie Review

Synopsis : A naughty don gets space for his personal life and tacked his rivals further.

What works

Dhanush, portraying a naughty don steals the show with his screen presence and a designed typical nuisances. Scenes build with proper pace with neat proportional mix of mass, and fun elements parallel to the cat mouse rivals with the antagonist. Yuvan gives out his potential to match the magic happened in prequel.

The female lead Sai Pallavi has scope more to perform with emotions. Likewise, gets noticed when she makes her moves for the dance numbers. Director gives his touches if mass elements for the character to earn whistles. The don tale looses it’s mood, shifts to drama towards the end and gets back to track. Rich visuals, theater moments have made it a fun filled experience.


The sequel brings in lot of recollects to relate, sometimes being unwanted. The path change of lead characters totally take the plot diverted towards a dramatic tone. The plot becomes slow and usual predictable factors come in.
Could have been better in few places to connect even more.

Final Line : An fun filled mass commercial entertainer for the weekend.

Rating : 3/5