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Madhavan and Pawan Kalyan to Attend India Conference at Harvard University

Kollywood actor R Madhavan and Tollywood actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan, has been invited as guest speakers at the 14th edition of the India Conference at Harvard, one of the largest student-run conferences with a focus on India in the USA.

The conference is hosted by Harvard University’s subsidiaries, Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. Being one of the 8 Ivy League Institutions, its known for its sheer excellence in academics and research.

The conference is scheduled for February 11 and 12. It is being hosted at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School by the graduate students of Harvard University.

The event will be attended by many business leaders, entertainment professionals, and many other leaders to join in a conversation about India’s path to global leadership.

On the other side, the official twitter page of India Conference shared the post like, “Really looking forward to having R Madhavan as a speaker at India Conference 2017.” The actor very excited and tweeted like, “Can’t wait folks…”.

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