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Mehandi Circus – Movie Review

They say music is the soul of the body and this is very true in debutant director Saravana Rajendran’s Mehandi Circus. A love story, it pays tribute to Ilaiyaraaja’s evergreen hits the ruled the roost in the 80s and 90s. The story behind Mehandi Circus is similar to many love stories that we see in the cinema. But what makes it different is how the director has packaged it.

Mehandi Circus is about Jeeva (Madhampatty Rangaraj), who owns an audio cassette shop named Raja Geetham in his village near Kodaikanal. Jeeva is a helpful person when it comes to love and he falls for Mehandi (Shweta Tripathi), who is a part of a circus company.

Jeeva’s father Raajangham (Marimuthu) is completely opposite from his son and is casteism. He does not want his son falling for a girl from a lower cast and tries to separate Mehandi and Jeeva. The lovers elope but are caught. How they come out of the fix forms the rest of the movie.

Madhampatty Rangaraj has done his part well, however, he could have scored more with a little more effort. Shweta Tripathi has debuted in Tamil cinema with this movie. Her role as the innocent circus girl has brought out her character well. RJ Vigneshkanth evokes some good laughs as he plays Jeeva’s close friend. Anchur Vikash plays a key contributor in the second half of the movie and has done a good job with his performance.

Music by Sean Roldan is soul-stirring songs, while dialogues by Raju Murugan and Saravana Rajendran is hard-hitting. Cinematographer Selvakumar has given life to the breezy visuals. The movie has bits and pieces of the harsh reality that moves the heart.

Mehandi Circus appeals to all ages and uses nostalgia to draw us into the story.

Appeals more to those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s.
Music forms an integral part of the movie.

The movie gets predictable and this robs the novelty of the movie.

Final line: Mehandi Circus show unadulterated love between a man and a woman.

Stars: 3.5/5