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Mohan comes back after 14 years -Haraa movie

Haraa movie

Actor Mohan, born in 1958, rocked the Tamil cinema industry. Mouna Ragam, a romantic drama directed by Mani Rathnam in 1986, was a successful movie. He is also called Silver Jubilee Star. He had a huge fan base in the 1980s. He acted with many leading actresses of the 1980s, Revathi, Amala, Ratha, and Nadia.

After a 14-year gap, Mohan again acted in the lead role in the movie Haraa, directed by Vijay Sri G. The cast includes Mohan, Kushboo, Yogi Babu, Sharuhaasan, Mottai Rajendran, and Vanitha Vijayakumar. Leander Lee Marty composed the music for this movie. 

Sony Music South releases the Haraa official movie Trailer on 14 April 2024. The filming of this movie is all finished and set to be released in Theatres by 7 June 2024. In the first Teaser, the movie seems to be fully action-packed, where a mass entry scene of Mohan is shown travelling in an auto, followed by some goons with weapons to kill him. When chasing, Mohan throws a packet of petrol over one of the goons at the backside. Later, they block the auto Mohan travels. The goon, unaware of the petrol on his shirt, lights a cigarette and sets himself on fire, making other goons frightened. Mohan starts in auto so calmly, and it is a fantastic action scene that suits Mohan well.

In the second Teaser, the background music is superb, Mohan is shown with a gun, and his beard style is excellent. It is a complete action-packed movie. In most scenes, he is seen so calmly handling goons with weapons, which is marvellous acting. I hope Mohan’s Movie Haraa is going to be a super hit without any doubt after his 14-year comeback as a hero.