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Monster Movie Review

It is not often that we come across movies that have very simple interesting story lines that give views a wholesome experience. Nelson Venkatesan’s second film Monster is indeed welcoming and much more. Starring SJ Suryah, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Karunakaran, and a rat, the movie is hilarious and entertaining.

The movie revolves around Anjanam Azhagiya Pillai (SJ Suryah), who follows the teachings of Vallalar. An engineer with the electricity board, he comes across Meghala (Priya Bhavani Shankar). After rejecting him, Meghala falls for him seeing his benevolent nature.

A rat, the monster in the movie, has a special fondness for the rusk that Pillai snacks on and turns his nights into a nightmare. It lives in his newly bought flat and Pillai tries to get rid of it and fails. The flat’s previous occupant, who is a smuggler, hides some diamonds inside a rusk and wants to retrieve it.

The movie has been made well. The entry of the monster, the comedy plot and how it escapes all brings a fit of laughter. The storytelling and performances by the cast have taken Monster to a higher level.

SJ Suryah has made every moment in the movie work. His animated features and comic sequences are commendable. Antagonist’s character, played by Anil Kumar, has become suttle. Nelson has managed to give Monster a balance with humour and warmth.

The rat is a very determined rodent that does not give up
SJ Suryah is the key to the movie. His animated features and comic sequences have elevated Monster

The antogonist played by Anil Kumar has not much scope and his character falls flat.
The screenplay has small bits of lag

Final line: A monstrous movie for children to enjoy this holiday

Stars: 3.5/5