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Breaking – Much awaited treat for Superstar Rajinikanth Fans…

Much awaited treat for Superstar Rajinikanth and 2point0 Fans

After a mind-blowing teaser of the Shankar’s 2.0 which took all Rajini fans for an Awe… Sources say that another teaser of the movie will be out for Diwali, the movie features Rajini, Amy Jackson and Akshay kumar in key roles….. the first teaser was released in both 3D and 2D on September 13th. The dismantled Chitti of the first part of the movie will be put back together by none other than Vaseegaran.

The VFX is just incredible, in the first teaser it shows robotic version of Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson, not to forget the look of Akshay Kumar is astonishing as a villain. The movie is produced by Lyca production and the budget is around Rs.550 crores. Earlier this year and video of a teaser was released online by somebody who filmed it from the special screening in London and in the month of June, couple of pictures of Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson in Robotic suits were put up on the internet and went viral immediately.

With all the conspiracies and pushing and pulling of the release date, it seems that movie is finally ready to hit the screen this November 29 sources say.