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Natpe Thunai Moivie Review

Sports dramas are not new in Tamil cinema and Natpe Thunai also follows these genera. Centered around hockey, this is music composer turned actor Hip Hop Aadhi’s second venture as a hero. After a good show in Meesaya Murukku, Natpe Thunai does seem to make some career improvement for Aadhi.

Directed by Parthiban Desingu. Napte Thunai revolves around Prabhakaran (Hiphop Tamizha), who only desire is to settle down in France. He then meets Deepa (Anagha), who is a hockey player. Prabhakaran then leaves no stone unturned to impress her. It so happens that we learn that Prabhakaran is an international hockey player, who is banned from playing. Things take a sudden turn when Sports Minister Harichandran (Karu Palaniappan) wants to encroach a hockey field in the area and Prabhakaran and his local team coach (Harish Uttaman) try and save the turf by playing a match.

Aadhi has improved a lot from his previous performances and has to shoulder the whole burden of the movie. Anagha is bubbly and energetic. Harish Uthamman gets a meaty role and has done justice to it. Karu Palaniappan is the show stealer. His baldie acts, body language deserves special mention. Adhi’s background score makes Natpe Thunai an engrossing watch.

An original sports movie bound with friendship
Excellent acting by Karu Palaniappan

Highly predictable from the start
Although the game looks real it fails to interest people

Final line: A good movie packaged well with love, friendship, and sportsmanship.

Stars: 2.75/5