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Nayanthara is Now More into Horror Films

In recent times Nayanthara is picking by more horror films. Actually ones after the blockbuster hit and her great performance in the horror movie called “Maya”, she is been next picked in the other horror film titled “Dora”.

The interesting part here now is that several Directors have been asking up the dates of Nayanthara for further horror films. However, Nayanthara has said that “once after the release of Dora on March 31, let me check how are the response of the film and her acting performance too.”

So once after that, it seems Nayanathra would be signed many horrors. Even the Directors are eagerly waiting for the movie Dora that would be hitting the screens shortly at the end of March month.

She was already applauded for her performance in Maya by Director Ashwin Saravanan who made his directorial Debut by the supernatural horror drama Maya. He also said that Nayanthara loves horror movies.

“When I went to pitch the story to Nayantara, it turned out she was a fan of horror films too. She spoke at length about her love for horror cinema. This enabled us to connect with the vision of the film easily; helped us to be on the same page while working,” Ashwin told.

The film has been dubbed in Telugu as Mayuri and will simultaneously release with its Tamil version. Once after the positive response of Dora, Nayanthara would have many horror upcoming films.