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Nayanthra Dora Movie to Release March 31 Official Confirmation

We have already informed that there is an issue going with the release of the movie Dora. Yes, it was said that there is a court petition filed under the movie Dora.

Even though the film has passed the censor board analysis and got ‘A’ Certificate from the regional censor board, the producer was asked to appear to court on March 24, for the alleging plagiarism.

The Script writer Sridar claimed that the story belongs to him which was similar to the one of his directorial movie Alibabavum Arputha Carum. However Dora movie director Doss Ramasamy denied it.

It seems now all the issues have been solved and there is an official confirmation that film would be releasing this month March 31. It is also said that it is a prestigious release from aura cinemas. The reservation of the ticket is been started so let us see whether Dora movie hits the box office or not.