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NGK movie Final box office verdict

There are lot of rumors floating around NGK movie and the box office reports. Kollywood.net team has made their analysis and here is the final verdict with respect to NGK movie box office collection

Tamil Nadu – producer own release

Andhra – minor loss

Karnataka – break even

Kerala – minor loss

Overseas and international markets including USA – minor loss

Final verdict for the production house dream warrior pictures and SR Prabhu – the movie is a break even for the producers, they are expecting to make a profit overall in the future like digital rights, re release etc, considering the movie as a product not just one time distribution

There is not much lost for any of the stake holders involved, some news channels claim invalid numbers to pull down the hero and the movie.

The production house played it well by not over-hyping the movie and doing own release in Tamil nadu. Just before NGK release the same production house got bumper box office in the small budget movie Monster starring SJ Suryah