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Now Vairamuthu’s Two books in Amazon Kindle Books

As we all know that Vairmamuthu is well recognised for his Tamil literature. He has also won many awards with regards to the same. His notable works include Innoru Desiya Geetham, Indha Pookkal Virppanai-kkalla, Sigarangalai nokki, Villodu Vaa Nilave and many others numbering to 30.

It is said that the Tamil literature is compared with the old sage’s body texture to the depth of ocean and heights of sky.

His extraordinary thinking and excellent comparison of his narration with the fragrance of colourful flowers, dew drops over the grass, clear stream of water, the sculpture that was developed by a profound sculptor, the art that depicts thousand different meanings surpassing the original form etc.

Now Vairmuthu’s popular two books are in Amazon kindle books. The books that are now in Amazon are Sirukathaigal and Moondraam Ulagappoar.

Moondraam Ulagappoar, that is the Third World War is an award-winning novel which discusses the most important issue that the world is facing. To get this online visit in amazon kindle by using the below page.

Moondraam Ulagappoar: Third World War (Tamil Edition) Kindle Edition

The other book is nothing but the Vairamuthu Sirugadhaigal which is the short Stories by Vairamuthu where it has got the awesome and incredible collections of short stories. In case if you wish to buy this one please do access the below link.

Vairamuthu Sirugadhaigal: Short Stories by Vairamuthu (Tamil Edition) Kindle Edition

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