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Oviya surprised Arav


In 2017, Oviya took part in the Tamil reality television show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan for the Star Vijay channel. Oviya gained instant popularity on the show through her charm and honesty, in comparison to other housemates. While enjoying a cordial relationship with fellow housemate and eventual winner Arav, which later turned into a one-sided romantic relationship. Oviya grew closer to Arav during the course of her stay at the Bigg Boss House. However, things between them got complicated when Arav began to ignore her completely. They both also shared some level of intimacy before their relationship went south. It was later touted as the main reason for the emotional stress Oviya suffered on the show and her subsequent exit.

Even after coming out of the show, Oviya maintained that she was still very much in love with Arav. Today 31st October, Arav’s Birthday, Oviya surprisingly visited to his birthday party.