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Peranbu movie review

You didn’t hear about this movie title till it has released did you?. Even we were not sure…. Good we still have people to take up this kind of script and are successful in crafting it as a master piece. Yes, this movie is true master piece or should we call it a Magic that nobody released. Each and every character in the movie has scored a 100%. The movie has Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana and Anjali Ameer playing pivot roles.

Something’s cannot be expressed in words but has to be experienced, Peranbu gives you that kind of feeling. The movie is about ‘Pappa’ played by Sadhana who is spastic and Amudhavan played by megastar Mammootty who plays the care taker of Pappa. The movie is directed by Ram after a long time. Movie is released both in Malayalam and Tamil. People who have watched the premier show have fallen short words to express how good the movie is.

The movie or should we say Ram is just trying to say that disability is just a word with no proper meaning to it. The reason behind it is, disability actually means that you are unable to do certain task but here in this movie Pappa is capable in doing much more than a normal human being. The same applies in the practical world as well. It is just that we the normal human beings have to accept the fact which is true. Instead of sympathising which is not required we need to start accepting which is the essential factor.

Ram has made ‘Pappa’ the voice of their community, and Amudhavan (mammootty) has stolen the show in his own way. The way he portrays this role is like that you feel its just Amudhavan and we forget the megastar. Mammootty had mentioned that he didnt have any difficulty in playing Amudhavan, all he had to do was to think that if he had daughter as Pappa what would he do? The rest is history now, he has breathed in life into the character. Amazingly done movie…. After a pretty long time have to go to watch a movie which feels like magic with warmth which touched your heart… Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja and has done a great job. The movie shot completely in Kodaikanal and it has turned to be a treat to watch.

The movie as a whole

People who got used to watching fast paced move might find it slow

Final Line : Watch it if you want feel the magic happening in your Soul….

Ratings: 3.75/5