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Petta Movie Review

Superstar has become the talk of the town from the time Petta trailer has released. If you have read or watched about Petta trailer review you will definitely understand. The movie is directed by Karthick Subburaj and produced by Sun pictures. The movie is slated to release on 10th of January 2019, starring Rajinikanth, Simran, Trisha, Vijay Sethupathi, Bobby Simha, Sasikumar and a lot other prominent stars.

Movie opens showing superstar as a hostel warden, who puts the college goons back on track with his stylish stunts. Bobby simha is one of the main goons who is busy with ragging as Superstar stops all that is happening, Bobby simha gets irritated and the story begins. Rajini’s romance scenes with Simran are good, not too much not to less. Vijay Sethupathi is son of Nawazuddin siddique who is a Tamil speaking north Indian, they are into full fledged Hinduism. And getting people celebrating valentines day married, through one of an Youtube video they get to know about Megha akash and his lover and they come down to take them down. Then starts the digging in of the story and its flash back, Trisha and Sasikumar play prominent role in the flash back. Later is superstar able to protect his beloved and how did he it goes on in the second half.

What else would a Rajini fan expect from his movie???? Style & Mass obviously. And Petta definitely looks promising in all Rajini angles. We should say that this movie is by the fans for the fans. Because Karthick subburaj, Vijay sethupathy, Nawazuddin, Sasikumar almost everybody in this movie are Superstars fans. In a recent interview the director mentioned that the whole team has put a lot of effort so that it will satisfy a Rajini fan. The same way from the trailer which was released recently, it gave us a hint that a superstar fan can see the 80-90’s superstar back on screen. He looks that enthusiastic, young, energetic, stylish, romantic, naughty everything that he used to do.

Anybody who is going to watch the movie will definitely have the basic Rajini factor like Style, punch dialogue etc in mind. Petta looks pretty appealing to everybody, just the trailer shows different styles, punch dialogues, Romance, etc… Superstar is actually oozing energy in the trailer. So just imagine what we could get to watch from the whole movie. Superstar himself mentioned in the audio launch that he been taken back to 80-90’s by Karthick subburaj. Expect the unexpected for this Pongal.. Rajini style…..

Music & BGM

Dragging second half

Final Line : Mass film for Rajinikanth fans

Rating : 3/5