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Popular Actress Bhavana Kidnapped and Assaulted

Nowadays every now and then we are hearing about the women abuse. Nowadays girls have a thinking that travelling in an alone cab is no less than a ride out of the storm. Now even celebrities are not safe and secure out of these shameful incidents.

In one more such incident, the popular south Indian film star Bhavana was kidnapped at the same time molested through a group of men while she was returning to home from the shoot at Ernakulam district in Kerala.

The traumatic experience of a noticeable Malayalam movie actress supposedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted made the district police by their toes on Friday night.

Actually, Bhavana was kidnapped and assaulted by nothing other than her former driver and his friends. As per the police reports, Bhavana’s car was hijacked from the place called Athani, Angamaly at February 18 midnight.

According to the sources, Bhavana’s former driver called Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni, and the present driver Martin is said to be the major culprits. Apparently, Sunil Kumar is the person by way of a severe criminal background.

Post the police complaint Bhavana too underwent the medical examination in Ernakulam medical college. If the reports are to be believed, the actress has suffered some minor injuries post the attack.

Seeing these incidents The “Thenindiaya Nadigar Sangam” that is the South Indian Artistes Association “as insisted the police to take action against the evils that made these occurrences.

The Associate president of Tamil Nadigar Sangam cum Actor Ponnvannan has called the Malayalam film industry association person Babu and inquired about the action that was taken.

Many actresses also commented about the incident that occurred on Friday. The famous Kollywood actress Amala paul has written on facebook about Bhavana braved attempt in complaining about those wicked persons. Apart from that she also showed her concern to Bhavana and requested the Tamil industry to take severe action.

“Bhavana isn’t a person to breakdown. Hats off to such an iron lady! She is a true hero who saved other actresses from the same fate by courageously reporting the whole thing to the police!

I stand by you Bhavana. I know you will come back stronger. You are one of the smartest and brave people I know and no one can crush the spirit of such a determined being. I request the media to now show some responsibility and do what our law system might not be able to – spread the message, make an example” This is the message written by Amala Paul on her Facebook.

After this horrific Kerala experience, the Tamil industry actress Varalaxmi has shared his terrible experience. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar took to Twitter and shared a worrying occurrence that she was part of.

Varalaxmi is the daughter of well-known Tamil actor Sarathkumar. She made her acting debut in the movie called Poda Podi and blast to reputation once after her stellar performance in director Bala’s Tharai Thappattai.

In her letter, Varalaxmi said, “I was in a meeting with the programming head of a leading TV channel. Towards the end of the half-hour meeting, he asked me, ‘So…when can we meet outside?’ To which I replied, ‘Regarding some other work?’ His reply was(said with a smug smile like it was the norm) ‘No no! Not work… for other things.’ I hid my shock and anger and told him, ‘Sorry! Please leave.’ His last word on the topic was, ‘So…that’s all?’ He smiled and walked away.”

Coming back to the Bhavana incident, not alone these convicts molested Bhavana however they shot a video of this ghastly incident. She was also threatened that they would make the video live if in case she complained about the police.

The police have registered a case of kidnapping and molestation against the said culprits. This happening so far again had stood the severe threat to security and safety of woman in our country.


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