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Raatchasan Movie Review

It is generally expectation that the we go to a movie keeping in mind a previous movie by the maker of the current movie that we are walking into, but in comes to Raatchasan the level of satisfaction might not be as expected. Raatchasan has built up a lot expectation among the audience specially after the first look poster and Vishnu’s looks in the poster. It gives a feeling that the movie has been stretched unwanted at a lot of places…..we wouldn’t expect something of this stretchy from a director who gave a hilarious movie like ‘Mundasupatti’.

The first hour off the movie doesn’t offer much to the audience who were expecting a proper thriller…. but as time goes in the second hour the story start’s falling in to track… though not the whole movie some part of the movie is such that is send a chill in the spin…. in the second half there a 15 minutes stretch which will keep you glued to your seat.

Vishnu vishal looks great with no flaws to be mentioned in his performance on screen… someone who has to mentioned is Munishkanth, who has given an outstanding show… nobody would have expected this from him, he stands out in the movie excellent work. Director would have give a little more importance to small little details which feels a little out of place at times like for example a police not wearing an helmet all through the movie… Amala paul has done complete justice to her role.

The BGM has played a very good role to help visualize the movie better in the second half…Though the movie has a great story line and unwanted strech’s make it a little out of place at times.


Vishnu Vishal


An usual thriller

Final line : Seat Edge Thriller

Kollywood.net Rating : 3/5