Baasha Interesting Facts

After the release of "Padayappa", Rajinikanth and Suresh Krissna had discussed the possibility of making a sequel to "Baashha" which was scrapped as Rajinikanth stated that he does not believe that sequels work in Indian Cinema.

The film is a revised adaptation of Amitabh Bachchan starrer "Hum" and it took inspiration from Mammootty starrer "Samrajyam".

Baasha theme music copied from Terminator 2

A Hindi version (dubbed "Manik Baashha") was planned months after the tamil version released (the hindi audio had also released). But for reasons unknown, the plan to release the hindi version was dropped. 17 years later, Bhadrakali films released a remastered version of the Hindi dub. The remastered film featured a new opening credits in which original composer, Deva re-created the Baashha theme.

In addition to the new opening credits score, original composer Deva had rescored & inserted additional music for some scenes (namely scenes with Rajnikanth heading to the auto stand & Janakaraj's comedy scene where he failed to entice Nagma as a passenger.)

The film's Muhurat shot took place at AVM Studios at the venue which later came to be known as the Rajni Pillaiyar Temple.

The film completed 368-day run at the box office.

Originally, producer Prasad Rao had bought the remake and dubbing rights with Amitabh Bachchan, but the project never took off.

This film was later remade in Kannada as "Kotigobba" starring Vishnuvardhan and Priyanka Upendra in the lead.

Rajnikanth did not dub for the dubbed Hindi version. A dubbing artiste was used.

When Suresh Krishna asked S. Bhattacharya to adapt the RD Burman song Dilbar Dil Se Pyare from Caravan, he took music rights from HMV for the song Azhagu. He once stated that the last time he met RD Burman was to ask permission to use the song.

Due to time constraints, composer S. Bhattacharya had to leave the film after composing the songs. The background score was done by Deva. The second time Deva had to complete an S. Bhattacharya album was in Avvai Shanmughi The practice of 2 separate composers for songs and score was uncommon in Tamil cinema back then.

As a part of "Thangamagan" song in the film, there was a chorus line, "Caesar! Caesar!". After hearing the song, Superstar Rajinikanth walked towards music composer Deva and humbly said, "Sir! Julius Caesar never had facial hair. Audience wont accept me in a look without any facial hair as my character travels with a manly mustache throughout the film". After getting convinced by the star, the composer replaced the chorus sound "Caesar" with an alternate background score.

Actress Nagma was the original choice for the lead role after Krissna was impressed with her performance in Kadhalan.

Baashha is was digitally restored and re-released in Hindi during the year 2012.

The dubbed Hindi version did not get a theatrical release in British Columbia,Canada.

Awards Won

Cinema Express Awards, IN 1995

Winner Cinema Express Award - Tamil Film Industry

Best Actor Rajinikanth



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