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Rajinikanth Political Speech in MGR University function

Superstar Rajinikanth’s First Political Speech Full Transcript:


Superstar Rajnikanth recently delivered an applauding political speech at MGR’s statue opening ceremony in MGR university campus near Koyambedu, Chennai on March 5th 2018. The speech received overwhelming positive response from his fans, public and also political critics. Here is a transcript of his speech.

He stressed upon a few impressive points which brought his political notions. These points also emphasized on his aims that he is looking forward to achieve in politics. Here are the excellent points from his speech:

He started off by requesting his fans to not erect banners or political slogans in public places which would disrupt everyday life and cause disturbance to public. He even quoted a clause from the High Court which forbids the use of banners in public places.

He spoke about his dear friend A.C. Shanmugam, the founder of Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute. He further highlighted his good deeds throughout his stay as an AIADMK politician. He added that Shanmugam was the propeller and supporter for him to enter into politics.
He spoke the following lines regarding the questions thrown by the Government and politicians, asking him why he was leaving cinema and joining politics. “I am 67 years old now. Since you are not performing your duty well, I am stepping into politics to bring a change and to make sure that good administration prevails throughout the state. And that’s why I started learning about politics and began to show interest in it.”

“I learnt a few important things about politics during my meetings with respected politicians like M. Karunanidhi and G.K. Moopanar. I don’t want other politicians to welcome me with garlands and celebrations while my entry into politics, but why do you discourage when an actor wants to partake in politics?” He said that politics is not a path filled with flowers, but with thorns, stones and snakes.

“People tell that no actor can become like M.G.R. Yes, no one can copy M.G.R. He was a gem of his own accord, who did exhilarating things in politics and devoted his life for it. Even after thousand years, no one can be like him. It will happen only if he takes rebirth. But I can assure you that I can create an excellent Government akin to his’ by following his footsteps. With the help of technology and youngsters, I can surely strive to create a Government that helps people.”

He went on to emphasize on ‘spiritual politics’ which is his philosophy. When questioned about this kind of politics, his answer was, “Politics which is honest, caste less and religion-less and which treats people as equals is called as spiritual politics and I hope to practice that kind of politics in the state. You will get to see spiritual politics soon.”

“When I said that I am going to announce my entry into politics on December 31st, there were a few people questioning me about my political goals on December 29th. It was like asking for the wedding invitation before going to see the bride. I was completely put off by this kind of attitude. They tease and joke about my political notions in front of big-shot politicians and public.” He further added that one must be careful while speaking in front of the public and that mass indulgence is a deadly weapon. “Even after making a movie with the perfect logic and story, people as a group tend to find flaws with it. But you show the same movie privately to each person, no one would say anything about it. This is why we should be careful while speaking to masses.”
When asked about his late entry into politics and not joining hands with Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi, he said these lines, “Both the respected leaders had strong will power and implicated governance that helped people a lot. But now Jayalalitha is no more and Karunanidhi is seriously ill. Tamilnadu needs a strong leader, since there is a vacuum now. I am going to fill that void. God is on my side.”

He said that he was a huge fan of actor Sivaji Ganesan. He followed his footsteps and learnt many good things from his life, which he practiced in his own off-screen life. Sivaji’s acting in Parasakthi took the film industry by storm and many people thought that the reign of M.G.R is over in the film industry. At that time, M.G.R came with his comeback film in which he acted as well as he directed and produced it. This movie Naadodi Mannan created history in Tamil cinema.

He further went on to emphasize M.G.R’s excellent deeds during his political reign of 13 years. “He provided electricity to all the homes when there was a shortage of it. He provided food to the needy. He took up Kamarajar’s noon-meal scheme which saved many children’s life. He strived to work towards people’s immediate needs. And that’s how people supported and voted for him in all the elections during those 13 years.”

The veteran actor then explained few incidents regarding M.G.R that happened in his real life. “I first met him in 1973 when I was doing my course in film institute and then I met him during the shooting of Moondru Mudichu in 1975. In 1978, I had a nervous breakdown and I was admitted in Vijaya hospital. M.G.R Sir called once in a week and inquired about my health. After my discharge from the hospital, he asked me to meet him. During that meeting, he said that for an actor health is very important and advised me to take care of my health. Don’t take risk by doing stunt sequences. There are people to do it.”
“I was constructing the Raghavendra Thirumana Mandapam. After the foundation was laid, many higher officials created problems and stopped me from proceeding with the building. Many months elapsed. M.G.R Sir gave me a no-objection certificate and helped me build the marriage hall.”
Superstar Rajnikanth also had some good advice for the students. He said that college days are the happy days in a student’s life. He advised the students to work hard during their college days and concentrate on their studies. He further added that the efforts taken during their earlier days will reap good results in their later years.

He also encouraged students to learn English and communicate in the language as it is needed for a student’s survival in any job. He gave examples of Sundar Pichai and APJ Abdul kalam for how students should have a role model who made Tamils proud.