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Rajinikanth’s 2.O pre-diwali celebration

The popular duo of Rajinikanth – Shankar is coming together again for 2.O. The movie will also have Amy Jackson, Akshay kumar and other prominent star’s in the main cast. The movie is done in both Tamil Telugu and Hindi. As the first look poster shows both Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar look stunning in their 2.O looks. We from kollywood.net had mentioned that their will some interesting news for Rajinikanth’s fan on 29th November.

Now the cat is out of the bag, the movie will release on 29/11/2018. And the 2nd teaser will be released on 3rd November. The first teaser has a lot of interested treats to all. The movie team has spend a lot of money on VFX, a tweet from Akshay kumar statin, ‘2.0 by Shankar, India’s first 75 million Dollar VFX wonder’ confirms the movie is going to look stunning. All fans are expecting the second teaser on 3rd November, this will be a pre-diwali treat.