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Rajinikanth’s connection with Raatchasan?

A recently released movie though has not been spoken about a lot, but is doing extremely well. Yes, we are talking about the movie Raatchasan. Almost all the movie critics are giving the movie a positive review. The movie has succeeded in keeping the audience at the edge of the seat till the end.

Special notice has to be taken of Vishnu Vishal’s performance, just to good to be told. Somebody who noticed that was the Superstar. After watching the movie, Superstar has appreciated Vishnu Vishal’s performance and advised him to take up script’s like these in future. Vishnu Vishal is a great fan of Rajinikanth, and getting an appreciation by him has almost given wings to Vishnu Vishal. And he has also told that from here on he will be choosy on scripts which will come his way so that it will compliment his career.