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Rasavathi movie review – Attempted Romance Thriller

Rasavathi movie review – A Romance Thriller 

Rasavathi is a romance thriller movie written and directed by Santha Kumar. After the big comebacks from Mounaguru and Mahamuni, this film was primarily shot in Madurai, Cuddalore, and Kodaikanal. The audience has welcomed Rasavathi.

The main cast in this movie are Arjun Dhas as Sadhasiva, Tanya Ravichandran as Suriya, and Sujith Shankar as Inspector Parasuraj.

Rasavathi movie was released in theatres on May 10th,2024. The movie has two songs in total: Saaral Saaral and Thai Thai by Music composer S Thaman. The background music score is good overall.

Coming to the movie most of the movie is about nature; in a particular scene, an older man speaking with a tree; also, in a scene, he mentions one who suffers from a gut problem that often ends with ghost dreams has the solution by adding garlic to his daily diet, which can be easily understood by ordinary people by the way he relates it scientifically was good. A bee is shown in a scene which is unharmed. Kerala people dumping waste inside Tamil Nādu is stated in the movie. It speaks more about nature.

Actress Ramya is shown as a Psychiatric doctor and plays a fantastic role with Sujith as the Inspector. Sujith acting like a psycho is marvelous. He doesn’t want to violate women, but still, he doesn’t like happy people. His reactions were incredible. He put a lot of effort into his acting. In one scene, they show varmakalai, and the director demonstrates many things on the screen.

The tone changes in some parts of the movie, showing flashback scenes of Madurai Kalquaries breaking stones. Till the interval, it went with brilliance; in some places, it felt like repetitions showing the same scenes repeatedly.

Overall, this movie is okay for the general audience. Arjun Dhas has many opportunities for action sequences but misses many action scenes. It can be a calming experience. Naturist lovers can enjoy the movie a lot.