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Ratchasan remake rights still waiting?

The silent superhit movie of season Ratchasan is been getting positive reviews by fans and movie critics. Specially Vishnu vishal’s performance is something that nobody expected. Director Ramkumar has done a great Job. In a recent interview he mentioned that he didn’t want to do a comedy subject like Mundasupatti. So he took up a different genre with a serious story and it worked out to his advantage.
The movie did very well at the box office. Now it is said that Ratchasan will be remade in Telugu. All the young stars in Tollywood seem to have watched the movie and yes they are impressed. Sudheer Varma has expressed interest in remaking the film, but they are waiting for the original production house for approval. Sources say the Sai Dharam Teja will be taking up the role of Vishnu Vishal. Vishnu Vishal has already bought the remake rights for Hindi even before the movie was released, clever move.