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Rathnam movie review – Vishal fails to deliver

Rathnam movie review – Vishal fails to deliver

Hari wrote and directed the Rathnam movie. The main stars in this movie are Vishal, who acted as Rathnam; Priya Bhavani Shankar, who worked as Malliga, a medical student; Gautham Vasudev Menon; Samuthirakani, and Yogi Babu. Music by Devi Sri Prasad.

In this fully action-packed movie, Vishal (Rathnam), an orphan who lost his mother at a young age, works under an MLA, Paneer Selvam, to protect him. A girl travels to Vellore for an interview, and when a few rowdies try to kill her, Rathnam saves her from the rowdies as a guardian; how long he will save her is the story plot.

Director Hari made Vishal’s stunts look natural compared with other movies. Also, Vishal and Priya Bhavani’s costumes were simple to give a common man and next door couple feeling. The cinematography is hot and classy. “Saving thirty percent good people from sixty percent bad people is my Job,” says Samuthirakani as MLA, which is a big highlight. The dialogues are more practical in present society. This movie is more about Politics.

The camera angles shown during action scenes are fantastic, and lorry driving is shown from many angles, which makes the audience feel. The fight scene before the interval is also exceptional.

There are too many fight scenes that only fit in some parts of this movie with proper reasons for such fight scenes, which is a big negative. Brahmins were shown as rowdies, which isn’t a good fit for this movie. They also show NEET entrance exams as suitable for medical aspirants. Overall, compared to Hari’s previous film, this one too falls dud.

After blockbuster Mark Anthony success Vishal fails to deliver.