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Sarkar Movie Review

A much awaited and a most expected Vijay movie ‘Sarkar’ is released all over the world. Audience have started to give the verdict on the movie. This is the third time that the popular duo is coming together Vijay and AR.Murugadoss. There previous movies Thuppakki and Kaththi. The same was expected by ‘Sarkar’ as it released for diwali and benchmark was set really high even before the release. Let us see how the movie has scored.

First half

A company chief in Mumbai is introducing Vijay as a corporate criminal and he said acquire a lot of other companies with his cunning strategies. The reason they are having this talk on Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) is because they are worried about him acquiring companies in India as Sundar (Vijay) is visiting India for some reason. Everybody is confused about his visit actually worried about Sudar Ramaswamy’s visit. Then they introduce Vijay in the US getting down from an expensive car surrounded by girls. And then he is shown getting down in India and Sundar Ramasamy reveals the reason for his visit to India is to cast his Vote. Keerthy Suresh is with the Sundar Ramasamy all through the movie, Sundar Ramaswamy’s vote is in the CM constituency and he realizes that his vote is already cast. And Sundar Ramaswamy is taken by Shock and he decided to take action.

Second half

As the hero has decided to take action, he files a case and gets stay on election for the particular constituency. Then he asks everybody who has the same issue file cases and this creates the problem. Radha ravi who plays the bad boy decided to take Vijay off his track and that is when the first fight is executed. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar plays the role of the daughter of the party head. She plots the plan to take Vijay down but unsuccessful. So she comes India to take it up on her shoulder. Later the movie takes on to the next stage. Vijay is put into a situation where he has to face the election. Was he successful there after is the main plot of the story.


AR.Murugadoss has shown a lot of social issue which happened in Tamil Nadu, like the instance where a couple burnt themselves down in collector office Tuticorin. But it has not struck to the bull’s eye as it did in his previous movies. Vijay’s performance is good but some scenes are over the top. Keerthy suresh is just standing with Vijay but her character doesn’t have an impact in the movie. Varalaxmi sharathkumar has shown a great performance. She has been improvising in each movie and that shows in the movie. Radha Ravi has also done a good job. The movie caters the punch dialogue which is expected by fans but not to the general audience. The movie kind of lags in screen play somewhere in between the first half and gets lengthy in the second half.


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar 
Concept of the movie


Run Time

Final Line : A Usual Vijay movie with AR Murugadoss touch. But Magic missing

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