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Seema Raja Movie Review – Not the best of the three movies Sivakarthikeyan and Ponram worked

Seema Raja Movie Review:

Back with a bang for the third time with Seemaraja, already the trio Sivakarthikeyan, Soori, and director Ponram has collaborated in 2 previous super hit films like Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam and Rajini Murugan. The expectations were very high leading to the release of Seema Raja and it gathered good expectations from the fans and audience. 24AM studios has produced the movie and released in a grand manner just like its previous one Velaikkaran.

Movie features huge list of cast and supporting actors including Samantha, Simran, Napoleon, Lal, and many others. The film predominantly speaks about enmity among two kingly families who are from different villages.

This grapple shakes the bond and the life of Siva(Seemaraja) belong to Singampatti heir, the wonder woman and his love interest Samantha(Selvi). Siva character is same as the pretty much what we have seen earlier not so different.

He plays the role of an adrift youth whose only deeds are enriching his image. As usual he attracts the audience with it spontaneous humor and casual performance.

Kaathadi Kannan and his wife Kaaleswari (The role played by Lal and Simran respectively) belong to Puliyampatti royal family. Their intention is to force villagers by asking them to surrender their land to start up a windmill projects. However same as other film the Hero spoils their plan saves the farmer and their lands. The highlight of the film is illustrious past of his family that creates the plot in the film.

Simran potrays her evilness just with her eyes and the dialogue delivery get applause from everyone. Samantha offers her good chemistry with Siva and done a neat role in this film. Her ultimate Silambam skills are to wonder the audience in the climax. Looks like she had practised for couple of months?

Napolean, Soori and Lal have done their roles perfect what they have expected too. Easily the best comeback movie for Napoleon, we will have to wait and watch his next projects after this one.. He neatly fits the village supporting role

The war sequence is a valuable scene in the film. Possibly a part of certain audience seems the heroism is been overdone.  The scene in film seems to be repeated as we have seen in all SK – Ponram combination. It is likely that Ponram visibly misused the trick by casting several commercial components and shining in none.

Imman’s song need a credit gives a festive mood to the film.  The comedy portion with Soori is no different as the previous film however his six pack scenes surprise the audience. Keerthy Suresh is seen in a cameo role where see score herself with passionate dialogues.

Final Verdict:

If the screenplay would have been better the movie would have been interesting. The film can be watched for his comic sequence and his good historical portion shot with technical brilliance. However it is weakest movie from the actor director combo when compared to Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam and Rajinimurugan.