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I Interesting Facts 

For a character Vikram had to go through a makeup session of 5 to 7 hours daily.

Vikram for a character had to lose up to 30kgs of weight, because of losing too much weight he lost his resistance, during shooting he used to shiver hearing anything loud.

Vikram appears in various looks throughout the film. He has lost weight for portions of "I". He has also put on muscle as he will appear as a super model in the film.

Its Audio was launched by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A huge indoor set which was about an acre in terms of area was erected for the Beast song in this movie, It took 3 months for designing the set and another 3 months to complete the set.

During the post production stage of 'I', Vikram dubbed his voice for multiple characters he portrayed in the movie, in three different languages, i.e. For Tamil, Hindi, Telugu. He used to travel between Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad daily till his part of dubbing was complete in all the three languages.

Vikram's hairstyle in Lingesan character was admired from the old hairstyle of Arnold Schwarzenegger, to give give that feeling of a body builder

Initially actor Suriya was considered for the lead role. Later , 'Chiyaan Vikram' was roped in the film.

This movie will be released in 15,000 screens across China.

The idea was first conceptualized by Shankar 15 years ago and narrated to A R Rahman. Later, it was narrated to Superstar Rajnikanth among 2 other stories (Sivaji and Endhiran), when Rajnikanth chose to do Sivaji.

While dubbing for the "koonan" (hunchback) character, Vikram almost tore his vocal cords.

The Tulip farm in which Amy and Vikram walk in is actually Director Shankar's property which was made into a tulip farm for the movie.

Amy Jackson, the female lead who plays a Model in this movie is a Real life British Model.

The weight transformations Vikram had to endure for this film are considered extreme. From his usual 95 kgs, Vikram had to go down to his all-time lowest 40 kgs, risking his health and life at this point for the hunchback portions which consisted of about half of the film's run-time. After that, he had to quickly put on thrice that weight and reached 120 kgs, his all-time heaviest, for the "Ennodu Nee Irunthaal" song where he comes as a werewolf. For this role, director Shankar as well as many other technicians in the making video of the film released during the audio launch said that Vikram had to isolate himself from his family and society in general for almost a year due to these drastic transformations.

'I' is the First Indian movie to be associated with Weta Workshop a New Zealand based Special Effects Producing Company.

The first person ever to mention anything pertaining to "I" is actor Rajinikanth. In an interview for Sun TV in October 2010, a few weeks after the release and worldwide success of his Endhiran/Robot, also directed by Shankar, the Super Star revealed that Shankar initially approached him with 3 ideas for his next film following the release of the latter's blockbuster Indian in 1995, out of which only the second one he immediately agreed to do. The first idea was Robot, which Rajinikanth would do and release in 2010 to huge success, and the second was Shivaji, the first and hugely successful collaboration between the star and the director which released in 2007. The third idea Rajini was approached with, in his own words, was the story of a hunchback, which also dealt with Mr.India and so on. This last idea is what would become "I", 17 years later.

Shankar, The Director of this movie said that nearly 25% of the movie will be in China.

Ojas Rajani, who plays the role of the transgender make up artist Ozma Jasmine, is a real life well acclaimed make up artist in Bollywood.

In Ladio song, Lyricist Madhan Karky used some exact Tamil words Panikoozh(Ice Cream), Kuzhambi(Coffee), Urulai Seeval(Potato Chips), Kaavi Kandu(Chocolate), Mellum Gondhu(Bubble Gum), Pienchoothai(Cement), Magizhundhu(Car), Vazhalai(Soap), Poothool(Talcum Powder), Kaarpadhani(Air Conditioner) and Nunnalai(Microwave) which is not used by people.

4 song sequences of the film have been shot in various locations in Bangkok, China, Jodhpur, Kodaikanal, and Chennai.

The Director of this movie is so fond of Animation and latest technology, he is already well known for presenting world class graphics in his previous movies, we can see his magic being repeated once again in the song 'Mersalaayitten' (Issak Taari) from the movie I.

The voice for the female lead in this movie was dubbed by Raveena in Tamil and by Chinmayi Sriprada in Hindi.

One of the villains (Ravi), who portrays a bodybuilder in the movie, is a bodybuilder in real life. In addition to that he has also won the title of Mr. India.

With more than 8 million views (still counting) on YouTube, the trailer is the most watched south Indian movie trailer so far.

The film's teaser was leaked online before it was released, even though it is the most watched South Indian movie teaser.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the Hindi version of the film collected INR 11.22 crores in India, and USD 14,382 in America, which is a top collection for a dubbed film.

For the Hindi version, scenes featuring Powerstar Srinivasan were omitted.

This is the first time director Shanker and P C SreeRam comes together for a movie.

Like in every film of Vikram and Shankar, the titles in Tamil have been changed to Hindi and Telugu in the respective dubbed versions of this film.

This was the last Tamil-language movie to be shot on film.

I is the Shankar's first action packed romantic revenge thriller. Until then he made only vigilante action thrillers like Sivaji, Gentlemen, Anniyan and many more

Vikram's character Lingesan is entitled as Mr Tamil Nadu in the Tamil and Hindi versions, while in the Telugu version, he is entitled as Mr Andhra Pradesh.

Model John in the movie is a real life model

The original duration of the theatrical version of the film is 188 minutes, but in the DVD version, the film's duration is 170 minutes, due to some Censor cuts.

Awards Won

Asianet Film Awards 2016

Winner Asianet Film Award Most Popular Tamil Actor Vikram


Edison Awards India 2016

Winner Merit Award Best Playback Singer - Female Shreya Ghoshal


Filmfare Awards South 2016

Winner Filmfare Award - Tamil Film Industry Best Actor Vikram
Best Music Director A.R. Rahman
Best Lyricist Madhan Karky

For the song "Pookaley Satru Oivedungal"

Best Male Playback Singer Sid Sriram

For the song "Ennodu Nee Irundhaal"



Norway Tamil Film Festival 2016

Winner Tamilar Award Best Actor Vikram


South Indian International Movie Awards 2016

Winner SIIMA - Tamil Best Actor in a Leading Role Vikram


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