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Sivakarthikeyan gets an appealing title!!!

After “Kanaa” Sivakarthikeyan has not had any release or any news about his next movie. Today in Twitter the title and the First Look of Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming movie released, the title of the movie is Mr.Local. We heard that he had been shuffling his dates with two movies at a time. But it seems that one of the movie is near ending. The movie is directed by M.Rajesh of OK OK fame. His initial movie did very well at the box. Movies like Bass yengira Bhaskaran, OKOK, Varutha Padadha Vallibar Sangam were some prominent movies which earned a lot of fame for M.Rajesh. But after that the success rate has fallen pretty flat for him as his recent releases didn’t do all that great at the box office.

Hoping this movie with Sivakarthikeyan will earn back the success for M.Rajesh. The movie is titled Mr.Local. The title seems to an out of the box title considering the fact that this is M.Rajesh’s movie. Because he generally prefers lengthy title or even some prominent dialogues as titles. For example, Shiva manasule Shakthi, All in all Azhaguraja , Kadavul irruka Kumar etc., this is the first movie that M.Rajesh has choosen a short title. The movie has Sivakarthikeyan , Nayanthara and Radhika Sharathkumar play lead roles. The movie has entered its final schedule and is slated for release in April 2019.