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Singer Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter Account is back

Early some days back popular playback singer Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter account seems to be hacked by some wrong ones.

There was also some strong controversy going on his twitter against actor Dhanush, as well as his team of attacking her, moreover, a picture screening an injured hand.

There were also other statements about a sex scandal in Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Ashram in Coimbatore and that Suchi confirming that she and husband Karthick Kumar are divorcing.
However making this as false Suchitra’s husband Karthik, the fame of ‘Yaradi Nee Mohini’ along with Dhanush tweeted in his in twitter that Suchi account has been hacked by someone. Also, he adds that the tweets that we published is not done by Suchi and also apologized if it has hurt someone.

Kartick Tweets “Good morning. The last few days have been very disturbing for us as a family as Suchi’s twitter account was hacked. Today we have retrieved her account. All the tweets published last few days were not by Suchi and is completely false. I personally apologise to all the people concerned as I understand the stress it would have caused them. I request the media to show sensitivity and not sensationalise this. Thank you all for the support.” He also added this on Facebook.

However, Suchitra has not delivered any declaration confirming or else disagree with the claim that was given by her husband. Also, a selfie of her was posted on her Twitter handle at the time it was allegedly under someone else’s control.

Now the current update is Suchitra account is back and safe. As she is back to normal there is been tweets displayed by her and also a Selfie picture of her posted recently. She has also tweeted about that.

Her tweets read “Dearest people Dearest people, my account is fixed now…so we can all get back to normal 🙂 “

“to clear things – I have no ax to grind with any actor/singer. My account was hacked from multiple locs. back in my control so all’s well :)” she says.