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Star Movie Review:  Leaves a Mixed feelings

Star Movie Review:  Mixed feelings

Elan directed and wrote the movie Star. Kavin played the hero. The top cast members were Lal, Geetha Kailasam, and Adithi Sudhir. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the movie.

The storyline of this Movie is Kalai (Kavin), a youngster from a lower-middle-class family aspiring to become a star in the Tamil film industry. This movie narrates how Kalai overcame all struggles to become a star.

Kavin has zero background in acting. He started acting in serials, then Big Boss, and then gathered a large fan base to act in this movie. As a performer in this Movie, Kavin undergoes various body transformations throughout. During college, he looks young and lean, wears oversized shirts, and looks adult in other scenes. He has about six to seven styles.

Speaking about Lal, his performance as a father is fantastic; it could make us feel like we have a father like him. The movie involves flowing emotions, the cinematography is lovely, and the scenes in the Mumbai area are fantastic. Yuvan Shankar gives a big surprise in this movie, which you can watch and experience.

The cons of this movie are that many scenes show the struggles of a lower-middle-class family and continuously show negatives like ups and downs in life. There is a scene where Kavin performs wearing ladies’ dresses and dancing, showing vulgarity. The heroine’s chemistry could be done better. He changes his girlfriend, and another girl sticks with him in a short time frame. The movie can be trimmed more to make viewers more engaged. Some parts of this movie are dull and play crucial with the patience level of the general audience.

The movie has a Heavy feeling during the interval and climax. Whenever Kavin enters a scene, it gives a good feeling. Overall, the film tells viewers not to run to become movie stars, showing his struggles in life to become a movie star.

Overall a mixed feeling with a good performance from the lead actors.