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STR to react with his song!!!

Where there is STR there should be some or the other friction. Simbu is currently working on his upcoming movie Vandha Rajavadhan Varuven, directed by Sunder C. It was recently in news that the movie’s single track is to be out on 5th December 2018. The matter of controversy is with the lyrics of the song which is to be released.

From past some time there seems to be a problem with STR and Nadigar sangam. Especially, Tamil film producers council president/actor Vishal. He had mentioned that they are planning to keep STR away from nadigar sangam or to be specific Vishal was planning to give simbu a red card. Reason being a lot complaints that were received against STR. So here comes the lyrics of STR’s next movie song , “Ennaku red card-u, eduthu paaru en record-u”. This seems to be directly or indirectly targeted towards Vishal. But not sure, as we don’t know the situation that the song is being placed in the movie. We need wait for the movie to judge what the song means. Lets first enjoy the song later we can definitely find out what STR exactly meant with the lyrics.