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Super Deluxe Movie Review

How many have we seen a cinema that is close to reality in society. How many times have we seen a multi-starrer with enough footage for everyone. How many times have we seen a movie that encompasses emotion and strike a chord with masses? Here it comes. Thiagarajan Kumararajah who with his super Deluxe makes sure the audience are taken to a new world of cinema with everything unique and engrossing.

With a bunch of talented artistes in Vijay Sethupathi, Ramya Krishnan, Samantha, Fahad Fazil, Mysskin around, the filmmaker has managed a splendid story on screen. Rather stories.

It is in a nutshell, what few comes across in their life in times of distress and what it eventually leaves. The film predominantly speaks about the struggle between couple who try to dispose a dead body, the feelings of a boy who meets his father after a long time, a son discovers his mother’s other side and much more.

The couple Vembu (Samantha) and Mukil (Fahadh Faasil) take the story forward.There is a transperson Shilpa (Vijay Sethupathi), who decides to return to her family. Arputham (Mysskin) has his now problems in life while Leela (Ramya Krishnan), an ex-porn star who struggles all ways and means to save her injured son.

Three cheers to the director for getting the best from his artistes. He is right there impressive in his writing. It has given liberty to Vijay Sethupathi to give his best. Fahadh and Samantha steal the show while Mysskin and Ramya Krishnan chip in their best.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs adds more value.

An excellent writing
Vijay sethupathi’s performance
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music

* Length of the movie
* Slow pace of second half

Final line: Scintiallting stuff

Stars: 4/5