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Super Star Rajinikanth Photo Session and Meeting with Fans Cancelled

It is been announced that Super start Rajinikanth would meet his fan for a photo session between April 12 until April 16. Now the disappointing news is that the meeting has been cancelled.

When asked about the reason Rajini said that there some practical issues to shoot the photos with the fans, hence he postponed the meeting.

He also added that “At first the plan was about to meet all fans take pictures and organise a grand feast. It is probably also a get-together. Finally, we thought that it is tough to take separate pictures thus we scheduled for group photographs containing 8 members. But then again the Fans conveyed dissatisfaction in that idea. I consider that also a fair one since none of us will want a group picture.”

Also, he said that he will soon meet his fans. He wrote in the social media that β€œIn future will plan to have met in every district separately so fans can take individual photos. I am sure you understand: Rajinikanth β€œ.

Earlier there was the meeting held with fans, also rumours spread that Rajini to enter politics so that is the reason the meeting for arranged for however super start denied that statement.

Now the fans are eagerly waiting for that date in which Superstar will meet them and take snaps.